Shipping and return policies for Euzen

Shipping Info
All items are shipped via POST Danmark.

From the day you place the order, we'll ship the item(s) the following monday. Please note that delays can happen in the summer season or if the item is out of stock.


(A Prioritaire)

Denmark: | 4,70 € | Shipping: 1-2 Days
EU: | 5,77 € | Shipping: 2-3 Days
Outside EU: | 8,19 € | Shipping: 3-17 Days

Extra items in the same order: 2,00 € pr item
Return Policy
1 Damaged/stolen items.

If the merchandise we send you is damaged in anyway or stolen doing the shipping, then we'll send you a new one without extra costs.

remember to send us a picture of the item (or broken package) and a description of the damage to:

Our company address is:
EUZEN I/S Byglandsgade 5a 3tv, 2300 København S. Denmark


For DVD's and CD's: If the plastic has been removed and the damage has happened because your player ate it and spat it out in multiple pieces, then we do not send a new one. Be sure that theres no sign of damage before you open it!

For T-shirts: We do not take back merchandise that you have used. this means, don't wear it, don't wear it and then wash it in hope we don't notice! WE DO!

2 Return policy

We do not take back anything not purchased directly from this store. KEEP YOUR INVOICE!! If for some strange reason you didn't receive an invoice from us, then contact us. also be sure that the email you typed when purchasing from this site actually works! Maybe the invoice is in your spam folder!

Within Scandinavia, by law, you have 14 days right of withdrawal from the day of purchase. That means: from the day you buy a T-shirt or whatever (this does not include downloads) from our site, and not from the day when you discover that you should have bought the XXX Large and not the Small one!

In the EU and the rest of the world we do not take back items purchased in our online shop unless its damaged. why? Because we'll manage everything ourselves, and our time is precious! Our advise: Be sure you want our stuff before you buy it and get measured! :)

3 Return policy Digital

its pretty impossible to return a downloaded copy.. so nope, no return policy here! if this doesn't make sense to you, then get a Spotify subscription and get out of our online shop! :)

4 DVD's

Our DVD's are formatted in high quality anamorphic widescreen 25 p PAL, PcM on a dual layer DVD9 Disc | ALL AREAS |

If it dosnt play in your machine then check if it supports the format. We do not take back DVD's because you have figured out to late that you don't have the right hardware!

in some cases DVD players in the United States dosnt play any other formats than NTSC.

read more here:

also if the picture looks weird or squeezed, then you probably should replace your old 4:3 television with a newer 16:9 model.

5 Contact

If you have read point 1 to 4 and still have problems or any other issues with our products, then email us! we are ready to help you as fast as possible. Please note, in the summer season (when we are on tour) there can be longer response time. Normally we reply within 5-10 days.



Thank you for buying our stuff!! We love you because you do!